4 types of places to add to your bot

Your hotel bot can be much more than a way for guests to ask front-desk services, it can become a real life-saver for them, making their say better and your ratings higher.

Here’s a list of places we totally recommend you should add to your bot. Bear in mind that you will only do this once, while the benefits will stay for long.
Let’s go!

1. Airports, ports, train stations

Making it easy for your guests to find their way to you from the airport, or to see the departing flights as they are returning home, is certain to be of great value to them. With GuestBot all you have to do is add a place in the CMS and give them directions as in the example below. Even better if you add a link to the airport’s real-time departures table!


2. Main tourist attactions

More than often guests ask you for sights to visit and you give them the same answers again and again. Why not add them to your own hotel chatbot and be over with it once and for all? On top they can get directions, book tickets and discover the area on their own. You can also add places that are best suited for specific types of guests, i.e. for families or for couples, and have:

GuestBot can make personalized suggestions of places to visit to your guests based on their profile.

3. Hospitals

Imagine you’re a guest at a foreign country with no idea how the local health system works, and you need to go to hospital but have no time to find out many details. Adding hospitals or medical centers to your bot can come in real handy in this case and will be deeply appreciated by your guests.


4. Restaurants

OK, so now where do we go to eat? Sure TripAdvisor and Google can help, but guests will certainly favor the opinion of the hotel they are staying, since it has every reason to suggest only the best places. So go on and add a few restaurants and bars that you can honestly recommend.

Have your own bot in a snap

OK great, I like all this. But how difficult is it to set this up?

This is where things get even better. With GuestBot you can have your bot ready and connected with your Facebook page in less than 15 minutes!

What are you waiting for?