4 ways to tell guests about your chatbot

One of the most common questions we get from hoteliers is how will my guests find out about my chatbot?
Well, that’s really easy. …Just tell them about it!

Here is how.

1. Tell them before they arrive

Make sure you update your email signature with a simple Facebook Messenger icon that leads to your chatbot, so guests can use it on the spot from their desktop, tablet or mobile device.
Remember, that since all conversations occur in Facebook Messenger, you guests can start on one device and simply pick the conversation on another device.

Use the template in this file to create your own simple button, just like this:

Chat with us

2. Tell them when they check-in

When guests check-in they are usually tired and in a hurry, so you have to be very short and to the point. The best way is at the moment when you hand over the keys to your guest, you can simply say:

“Hope you enjoy your stay and feel free to ask us on Facebook for any requests that you have.”

It’s much better if you also happen to have a tablet close to the front-desk where users can try this new feature at their own pace and discover the possibilities.

3. Tell them in their room

One of the easiest ways is to simply print your hotel’s Facebook Messenger icon and put it on the desk or the bedside table. Follow these instructions to get your hotel’s Messenger Code and then print it as you wish.
Each time a guest scans this code from inside their Messenger mobile app they will instantly start a conversation with your hotel!


4. Setup your WiFi router

Another easy task is to simply setup the WiFi router you use to give access to your guests to display the same link to your Facebook bot, as the one you used in method 1. Even better you can setup your entire welcome page to include a short description of what guests can do with your bot and how it can make their stay better.


Have your own bot in a snap

OK great, I like all this. But how difficult is it to set this up?

This is where things get even better. With GuestBot you can have your bot ready and connected with your Facebook page in less than 15 minutes!

What are you waiting for?