How chatbots can make guests fall in love with your hotel!

Chatbots are gaining traction day by day, but what does this all mean to me as a hotelier? How can I use them to improve my hotel services? How much does it cost? How difficult is this? Why should I even bother?

Hold on! We’ll sort this all out.

First things first:

A chatbot is a software program that monitors the messages sent to your Facebook page, understands their content and replies automatically with relevant information.

So the chatbot sits quietly and listens to whatever users ask you in Facebook, via Messenger. When a message arrives it first tries to understand what the user is saying. To do so, it uses advanced algorithms and something called Natural Language Processing (NLP). This is a difficult task, even more so considering the user may not write in English. Then it looks at the data you have provided it with and responds to the user with information that is relevant. And the bot, does all this in a structured way, with easy to follow menus, buttons and text that are intuitive and in the end user’s language.
Nice. So What?

Make guests fall in love with your hotel

Well… let’s meet Lisa. She is a foreigner staying at your hotel for 3 days on holidays, to explore the city.

Lisa is out visiting the local attractions and she does not know the city at all. Lisa needs help on the top places to visit, advice on a nice restaurant and she also needs to know what time dinner is served at the hotel, to be back in time.

How would Lisa feel about your hotel if she could send you a message in Facebook and get guidance, ask for room extras, get directions on how to get back, receive personalized suggestions?

Lisa is going to feel taken care of, treated like a VIP, she is going to love your hotel! And tell her friends.

Lisa writes “museums” and she sees the best museums, their description, how far they are from her current location and even a link to buy tickets online! She does the same with the top tourist attractions or suggested places for lunch. She just clicks at the options presented by your bot and sees when dinner is served, what is your check out policy and she learns about today’s dinner menu. Lisa is doing all this without calling you, without distracting the reception, with no burden to you whatsoever.


Provide front-desk services

Imagine also that the sink is dripping and Lisa wants to tell you about it. It would certainly make her angry to hear the dripping sound all night long. She can just tell you about it via the chatbot and you get an instant email on the issue. You have time to fix it and make her happy; that’s one more 5-star review on TripAdvisor!


Chatbots can be extremely useful for your hotel, in delivering top service to guests and boosting ratings.

A chatbot is not a panacea however. Most of the times it will succeed in understanding what the user says, some times it may not and this means there has to be a way the user can bypass the bot and talk directly with the hotel. This is why in GuestBot we have the @hotel message prefix where messages are not handled by the bot, but delivered straight to your hotel so you can respond appropriately.


Have your own bot in a snap

OK great, I like all this. But how difficult is it to set this up?

This is where things get even better. With GuestBot you can have your bot ready and connected with your Facebook page in less than 15 minutes!

What are you waiting for?