Chatbots vs mobile apps for hotels

At first let’s set the record straight: we at GuestBot love mobile apps. Actually we are the same people who launched Jupitee a DIY mobile app builder with customers such as IKEA, Intersport, Forum and lot’s of hotels among others.

As much as we love mobile apps we can’t help but accept that guests do not download them and that’s a fact. No matter how hard the hotel tries to push their mobile app to guests, download rates are on average less than 0,03% of the guests staying at the hotel.

The simple truth is that guests won’t bother. To make things worse:

The average US mobile phone user downloads zero (!) apps per month.

Hotels have to find better channels

So if hotels still want to improve and offer personalized services to guests they have to use different channels to reach their customers. Facebook is one of the best as:

  • With 1.9 billion users your guest will most probably be among them.
  • Guests already have the Facebook Messenger app on their phone, so there is no need to download anything.
  • People are used to chatting with their friends, so this is something familiar to them.
  • Chatting is less intrusive for them and they feel they are in control.
  • They do not have to provide you with their mobile phone number.

Bots are here to stay

Again and again people have been complaining that it is hard to operate software, they cannot find how it works. On the other hand asking for things (in writing for now, using their voice in the near future), is something we do in our everyday lives.

It is much easier to ask the bot “wake me up at 7 tomorrow”, than to operate software or call the reception.

There is strong and growing evidence that people can easily pick up chatting to a bot and that bots are perfect for customer service tasks. What could be a more customer service oriented business than hotels?

Have your own bot in a snap

OK great, I like all this. But how difficult is it to set this up?

This is where things get even better. With GuestBot you can have your bot ready and connected with your Facebook page in less than 15 minutes!

What are you waiting for?