Bot Settings

Set your hotel’s data.

Go to the bot settings page to set:

  1. Your hotel’s name. Your users will not see this when they interact with your bot.
  2. The email that will receive any direct messages users send you through GuestBot. They can do this by sending you a message that starts with “@hotel”.
  3. The size of your hotel.
Set your hotel's data
Set your hotel’s data

Link your Facebook page with GuestBot.

To link your Facebook page with GuestBot you just have to:

  1. Press the “Login to Facebook” button and log in with the Facebook account that is your hotel’s page administrator.
  2. Select the page you want to link (you might be managing more than one pages with the account you just logged in as).
  3. Press the “Connect page with GuestBot” button.

You’ re done! Now people sending a message to your Facebook page will get instant replies from GuestBot based on the data you have entered in the CMS.

Log in to Facebook
Log in to Facebook
Select Facebook page
Select Facebook page
Connect page with GuestBot
Connect page with GuestBot