Beginner’s guide, start here!

Hello, howdy, salut, γειά σας!.

Welcome to GuestBot, the world’s first multilingual bot for Facebook Messenger. GuestBot listens to messages your guests send to your Facebook page and replies with information about local places & attractions, the weather and directions back to the hotel. To achieve this two things must happen.

  1. You must enter the data your guests will see in the CMS.
  2. You must tell Facebook about your bot, so that all messages are forwarded to it.

Enter data in the CMS.

After you login to the CMS you will see an overview of your bot’s status in the Dashboard. We recommend you start by going to the Bot settings page and setting your hotel’s name.

At this time it’s also best to select the languages you want your bot to speak. Have in mind that for an optimal user experience per language you will have to enter content in each language separately. If you only want your bot to speak English you can skip this step. We ‘ll return to the bot settings later to connect our bot with Facebook.

Then you can proceed to set your hotel’s location and then your hotel’s offers and news.

Now to the most important part: places. This is the core data of your bot and you should add all the places that you can honestly recommend to your guests. Remember, to your guests your bot acts like asking the hotel reception so give them the best true advice you can offer!

Connect your Facebook page with GuestBot.

When ready just go again to the Bot settings page and connect your Facebook page with GuestBot in just three clicks!