It starts with a simple hello

As soon as your guests start chatting with your bot, they are greeted with easy to follow screens with simple navigation. This way they can discover instantly what the chatbot can do and what to expect. They are no longer trying to figure out how to ask for something, they just click on the relevant option.

Provide front desk services

Your guests can easily answer their most common questions and ask for services such as room cleaning & extras, early check-in or late check-out. They can even let you know if something needs fixing inside the room; a great chance to sort-out issues and gain a positive review.

Now it’s easier than ever to accommodate their requests, sort out problems and make sure they enjoy their stay!

Guest feedback

Let your guests tell you what really works for them. Gather feedback the easy way and see an increase in the volume of input you receive from guests.

Increase hotel bookings

Link your booking page in your bot and instantly convert Facebook interactions to direct bookings!

Promote hotel offers

If you want your offers to be a success, you need to get them in front of your customers, anytime, anyplace. GuestBot puts your offers on top!

Present hotel facilities

Let guests see all that you have to offer and increase consumption on restaurant, spa and related services.

Your guests can even see today’s menu, or call to make a booking.

Guide them back to the hotel

Make it easy for them to find you and on top give them directions on how to arrive from the airport, the train station etc.

Suggest local places

Help your guests discover the local bars, restaurants, museums and so on, that you recommend. They are used to asking your reception for local tips. Now they can ask your bot!

Chat with staff

Guests can still contact you directly for any questions or special requests they may have. You are notified by email for each direct message and you can answer instantly from inside the GuestBot CMS.

Speak their language

Users can select the language they want in a snap! GuestBot even remembers the user’s last used language when they come back.

Emergency contacts

Your guests can easily find nearby hospitals, ports, local authorities, pharmacies etc. in case of an emergency with complete contact details and driving directions.

Weather forecast

It’s always handy to know the weather and GuestBot gives you a three day forecast for your current location or for any city in the world!