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GuestBot is your 24/7 hotel concierge on Facebook Messenger.

It helps guests discover the area, interact with the hotel, receive personalized content and send you valuable feedback. It does not replace guest service, it just makes it better!

Hi, I will be arriving a bit late today, around 8pm.
No problem Mr. Andrews. Thanks for letting us know.
Any french restaurant nearby?
Allard (price €€) (800m, 12 mins)
Try starters like tender green bean salad…
Wake me up at 7am tommorrow.
Sure Mr. Andrews, I’ve already notified the front desk.

Improve your ratings

GuestBot makes it easy to solve issues before they escalate and happy guests give top ratings!

Gather guest feedback

With our built-in surveys you can get valuable feedback in real-time and see what works best.

Add a direct sales channel

Convert Messenger interactions into actual reservations. Promote your offers, restaurant, spa and services.

Save time

GuestBot replies in seconds to your guests’ queries and saves time for them and for your front-desk.

How does it work?

GuestBot is a chatbot. It monitors the messages sent to your Facebook page, understands their content and replies automatically with relevant information.
Everything happens inside Facebook Messenger, your users do not have to download anything.

It understands what your users say.

GuestBot uses advanced algorithms and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand the meaning of each message and discover what your guests ask for.


It replies instantly with relevant information.

GuestBot combines the data you have provided to respond to your guests. Do they need to check-in early? Are they looking for a nice restaurant? GuestBot can help them.

Serve your guests better, starting today!

1.Create your free account and enter your hotel data, it takes just a few minutes and you control what guests see.

2.When guests ask you questions about the hotel or for places to visit, they receive instant replies!

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